Press release

For immediate release, 6 December 2017

Isobel Child
Isobel Child, MA (Cantab)

International education colleagues from around the world will be interested to hear of Isobel Child’s continuing involvement in the field.

After more than 20 years working in Higher Education in the UK, latterly at University of the Arts London, Isobel Child has recently established a new London-based service, Isobel Child Associates Ltd.

The new organisation supports institutions in the development and implementation of their international strategy, undertakes research and quality checks of UK institutions, and makes recommendation for future partnerships and collaborations. Isobel Child is available to represent institutions’ interests in the UK, and will work with them to minimise risk to their students and their reputation. She can also support individual students during times of particular need, or provide more general support on a rolling basis throughout the year, according to the requirements of the institution in question.

Isobel draws on her experience gained since completing her degree in Languages (French and Italian) and Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Highlights of her first career – twelve years in tourism – included setting up and running the European office of a US student tour operator, and managing Kuoni UK’s youth tour operations worldwide. Subsequently, working in education, she developed short courses for the general public at University of the Arts London, and set up a University-wide Study Abroad programme which, when she left, was recruiting 1,000 students each year and generating income of nearly £5 million for the University. She has also had responsibility for developing exchange programmes and for implementing an internationalisation strategy, working with the Vice Chancellor and his deputies.

For further information, contact

Isobel Child, Director,,


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